Let us fix that for you.

Who are we?

FTFY is the result of the ever-growing eagerness of three young Belgian entrepreneurs to address and tackle recognizable societal shortcomings on a day-to-day basis.

FTFY labs commits to Fix That For You through the development and provision of innovative solutions. The multidisciplinary background of the founding team allows for complementary insights and for a view on multiple sectors and industries.


Your fresh & healthy, personalised, under a minute, ubiquitous smoothie

The Favor station visibly mixes fresh & frozen fruits and vegetables on the spot under premium price, thereby responding to the busy lifestyle of people not wanting or able to spend too much time or money on their search for healthy food.

No sugar needed.

Allow us to question the nutritious value of smoothies served in bars or delivered on the supermarket shelf. However promoted differently, sugar has become an obvious ingredient in smoothie recipes. Our smoothie combines purely deep-frozen vegetables & fruits together with water and guarantees the optimal activation of your taste buds, while committing to a 100% healthy smoothie.

De gustibus (et coloribus) non disputandum est.

We have well understood the importance of this bygone Latin expression, meaning that in matters of taste, everyone's preference is to be respected. The Favor station does therefore not purely offer standard products, but provides end-consumers with room for personalisation. An attractive process algorithm on the interface accurately guides end-consumers through the composition of their favourite smoothie, based on taste & texture preferences.

Vending for a reason.

Selling smoothies in a vending model leads to high advantages in terms of cost and process efficiency for the final end-consumer. Considering a fully transparent vending machine clearly visualizing the entire preparation cycle, health conscious people get the chance to finally reach out for their most preferred smoothie in a time-efficient manner at an acceptable price.

A problem, a question? Trust us to fix that.